The Village in Oakland mailing address:
The Village 
P.O. Box 3858
Oakland Ca, 94609-0858


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The Village Site #1

created January 20, 1917. bullozed by Mayor Libby Schaff February 2, 2017

The Promise Land

a clean and sober recovery & rehabilitation site with 16 residents, and a waiting list of 135 potential residents.

Marcus Garvey Park (Grove Schaffer Park)

West Oakland, CA


The Village Site #2

Created October 2017. More than 120 unhoused residents were physically brought to that site by the City of Oakland with no communication with or knowledge of The Village. Completely compromised and sabatouged by the Mayor. Bulldozed by Mayor Libby Schaaft January 30, 2019 – February 2, 2019

Two Three Hunid Village
2299 East 12th Street
East Oakland, CA


The Village Site #3

Created October 27, 2018. Demolished by Mayor Libby Schaaft December 6, 2018
Housing & Dignity Village

a clean and sober site for families. 13 residents including children lived there. 
S. Elmhurst & Edes Ave
Deep East Oakland, CA


The Village supported site #4

Co-Created with existing autonomous tent city of 12 residents January 18, 2020. Still standing! Not a Village site, but supported by The Village by moving all residents out of tents and into tiny homes and a collective kitchen.

Right To Exist Curbside Community
E12th between 14th Ave & 16th. Ave (behind Burger King)
East Oakland, CA