Housing & Dignity Project Report: Housing Oakland’s Unhoused NOW!


Oakland Stories on Recently Released United Nations Report on Homelessness Housing Oakland NOW! Report 2018

From Human Rights Violations to Implementing UN Mandates


On October 19th, the United Nations will be releasing its new report from the Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing who had visited Oakland homeless encampments in Fall 2017 and described the conditions as “cruel and inhuman.” The only U.S. cities called out for violations in the UN’s new report on global homelessness conditions are San Francisco and Oakland. As stated in the new UN report,

The Oakland conditions of discrimination and harassment of encampment residents and punitive denials of access to basic services constitute “cruel and inhuman treatment and is a violation of multiple human rights…Such punitive policies must be prohibited in law and immediately ceased.”

Join us to discuss:
Þ Oakland STORIES of the human rights violations featured in the UN Report.
Þ Oakland community-based SOLUTIONS to ending homelessness in Oakland and

applying the UN mandates.



Margaretta Lin
Dellums Institute for Social
margaretta@dellumsinstitute.org 510.355.7010 510.409.8653

Monday, October 22nd11-12 Geoffrey’s Inner Circle410 14th Street/Broadway

Needa B
The Villagemaowunyo@gmail.com

Candice Elder
The East Oakland CollectiveCandice@eastoaklandcollective.com510.326.2486


The Housing & Dignity Project is a collaboration between the Dellums Institute for Social Justice, The Village, and The East Oakland Collective to end homelessness in Oakland. The Project will be releasing its Report identifying concrete immediate and long-term strategies to end homelessness in Oakland based upon listening sessions with unhoused residents and analysis from the UC Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy.