Our Accomplishments

In 2017 we:
  • created the Homeless Advocacy Working Group to aggressively advocate for dignified services for our unsheltered neighbors
  • pressured the city to begin providing portapotties, potable water and trash pick up at 9 encampments (200 more to go)
  • provided support, defense, advocacy and documentation when encampments were under harassment and inhumane treatment
  • led the lobbying efforts to get city council to reinstate a shelter crisis ordinance – for two years, and backed with funding and a plan
  • increased city budget on homeless services from $250,000 a year to $750,000 (HAWG was pushing for $10 million tho)
  • successfully advocated for the building of a second Henry j. Robinson center
  • got the city to adopt and sanctioned our model which they originally bulldozed
  • shamed, watchdogged, shifted, and kept the fire on city hall
  • got the city to give us city-owned land to build villages
  • got private landowners to give us land to build villages
  • served thousands of hot dinners to Oakland’s unsheltered
  • shared provisions to hundreds of Oakland’s unsheltered
  • passed out 800 masks to Oakland’s unhoused during the north bay fires
  • passed out hundreds of fire extinguishers to encampments
  • called a successfull #WinterHolidayDrive to get winter clothes and supplies to folks
  • called a successful bottled water drive during the heat wave
  • pushed the narrative that gentrification is the cause for the housing crisis which in turned caused the homeless state of emergency, and the city is at fault for both. Only permanent no income/low income homes for all will solve both epidemics.
In 2018 we hit the ground running. In 2018 we will:
  • begin building at least five villages throughout Oakland
  • support other groups who want to build emergency housing for the unsheltered
  • provide Village residents with jobs, job training, micro businesses
  • provide Village residents with a variety of services and programs to help them get them on their feet and into permanent housing
  • provide curbside communities and Village residents with know your rights training, media training and political lobbying training
  • launch a political campaign (more details to come)
  • host the United Nations to visit encampments and document human rights abuses
  • continue to push for sanitation services at all encampments
  • fight for and end the harassment, closing and criminalizing homeless encampments – fight for no income and low-income permanent housing developments
  • .