We work in service and support with some encampments.

Other encampments we work in partnership with.

We promote mutual-aid (aka sharing) and unity building between encampments.

We build partnerships, alliances, and coalitions with other organizations to assert and ensure that our unsheltered brothers and sisters basic needs are met with respect and dignity.

We show solidarity and support with First Response efforts during crisis and evictions.

We engage in education, advocacy and policy work to decriminalize homelessness.

We defend and assert housing, shelter and safety is a human right that all should have access to.

We share meals with folks.

We have, maintain or build personal relationships with our displaced friends, families, neighbors and community.

We engage in direct action. We see that for curbside communities there is a thin line between survival and direct action. We assert that curbside communities have far more to lose in a direct action than housed communities. We believe it is the duty of our housed folks to join our curbside brothers and sisters.

We function in committees.

We are funded primarily thru in-kind donations, community donations, monthly patrons, anonymous donors, and occasionally small grants.