This project is truly one of a gift economy in action, and thrives due to the continual flow of generosity and mutual aid. We values contributions in all forms!

Critical Needs:

  • Weatherproofing! We need 4×8 underlayment / plywood flooring, wooden pallets, Large and XL heavy duty tarps, min. 10×20′ carports, 10’x’10’ canopies, banquet tents, army tents, and bottled water to protect residents and their homes from this weeks imminent rains!

Cash donations are spent primarily on building materials, as well as recurring costs such as our storage unit and gas for trucks doing supply runs:

Send gift cards to: PayPal.Me/Thevillageinoakaland


Donate materials:

  • Safety: Fire extinguishers (ideally rechargeable), smoke detectors, safety goggles;
  • Medic/Hygiene: Feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, N95 face masks, OTC painkillers;
  • Building materials – in particular portable power tools, roof panels, plywood panels, doors and lockable door handles, clean wood, and paint, 10-foot standalone ladder;
  • Bathroom supplies: 5gal buckets, compostable trash bags (5gal), sawdust, water for washing, 1-ply toilet paper;
  • Kitchen supplies: Water (5gal+) for drinking or washing, Chlorox wipes, large garbage bin, paper towels, compostable plates/bowls/cutlery, to-go containers, cooking oil;
  • Power: Solar panels, inverters, deep cycle batteries;
  • Structures: Hexayurts, geodesic domes, 10-20 person tents, carports, canopies/EZ-Ups, army tents;
  • Free store: Winter clothing, sleeping bags, lanterns/lamps, folding chairs, thermal water bottles, blankets, raingear, 4-person tents;
  • Garden: Planters, plant starts, soil, mulch!

Donate your time:

  • Come and participate in a building work day
  • Clean the bathroom (a composting toilet)
  • Run a shift at our infobooth, donation tent, medic tent or kitchen
  • Stay overnight to enhance security
  • Come take a bag or two of trash offsite
  • Tend/improve our garden or pull weeds from the lot
  • Drop off a hot meal or coffee
  • Lead an educational workshop
  • Help with community outreach and media (eg banner-making)

Specialized skilled labor/resources needed:

  • Medics
  • Legal support
  • Trucks and drivers
  • Sustainable energy technologists
  • Permaculture and gardeners
  • Building construction and carpentry
  • Educators, particularly job skill trainers
  • Counselors, particularly experienced in trauma recovery, addiction recovery, and domestic violence survivors
  • Journalists and reporters from the media to cover our story
  • Documentarians, filmmakers, writers, photographers and ethnographers
  • Conflict mediators and security folks knowledgeable of deescalation tactics